2nd Avenue Storage

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Located in Birmingham, AL, 2nd Avenue Storage is the Loft District's source for all your storage and secure parking needs. 
Come see us next door to El Barrio. 


Some of the Businesses Within Walking Distance

Spent a nice afternoon doing some errands after work.  Walked over to Mr. Burch to pick up my dry cleaning.  Then I headed to Butler's Executive Grooming; didn't need a haircut but wanted to pick up some shampoo.  Finally I went over to get a couple of steaks and some other groceries from Antonio over at Mamanoe's.  On my way home I ran into Mr. Baldone in front of his shop, Baldone Tailoring and talked to him for a while.  Tonight I'm heading over to the Festival Theater (unfortunately have to drive there) to hang out with David and see Camille in her new play, "Talking With..."