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Located in Birmingham, AL, 2nd Avenue Storage is the Loft District's source for all your storage and secure parking needs. 
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I've Made a Horrible Mistake

When I found this, I posted that it was the old Standard Furniture sign. With some help from Standard's current owner, I realize now that I read the property records wrongly and that I was actually reading adjacent properties. After a touch of embarrassment, going back to the records I see that there were actually 2 furniture companies recorded: Kliner Furniture Co. (1937) and A.P. Furniture (1938-1957). Sooooo, what did the other half of this sign say? I don't know. I guess I'll have to drag myself over to the library and dig into the city archives for pictures. I've been meaning to do that anyway, but its cold and wet, and frankly I don't want to go. Furniture Co. Sign