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TBT- Old Electrical System

How much do you love these old electric outlets?  Before we did the renovation for the Counts Brothers Building these old outlets were scattered around the upstairs. I put a multimeter on them and none of them actually were live, but they looked cool. I guess I should have kept them and made some art but it didn't occur to me at the time.

Space 111's Impromptu Art Installation

Wednesday I went to the weekly figure drawing class over at Space 111.  Afterwards I invited everyone over to Storkland/Counts Bros. to see all the weird odds and ends and give me advice about making some art out of it that I could display in my new loft.  I showed them the display I put up in the window with all the weird old stuff I found.  

Interesting old items I found in the Counts Bros. building


I used a couple of the old ladders and put up the Standard furniture sign, the ink bottle, an adding machine (the only one I could lift), the thread box and various spools, and other odds and ends.


Rachael, Jonathan, and Margaux go to town on a new display


They asked if they could make their own display, and I said "heck yeah!"  In a whirlwind of activity they put together a better display in 15 minutes than the one that had taken me days.

They used items which I had previously found less interesting: mason jars, mirrors, glass medicine bottles, glassware, balls of string.

My pictures don't do it justice, so if you're in the area walk by and take a look for yourself.


Space 111's impromptu art installation



To get the historic tax credits, we have to take the walls down to something no less than 50 years old.  The first floor has several layers, most recently drywall.  There is some old plaster under the drywall.  We can't go down to the brick because the plaster is more than 50 years old, probably original to 1904.  Mike denies it, but I think he was a little worried.  But the plaster will look so cool; if you need an idea of what the finished plaster restoration will look like, head over to Pat's place.  There are a few places the plaster still shows.  Imagine this polished; it will be the interior walls of the retail space.

Before pictures- 1st Floor

The first floor has possibly two store fronts, but could be one large space.  Mike and Jacob have got some cool plans to fix up all the heart pine floors and ceilings and take the walls down to the original plaster.  It is going to look great and I can't wait to see a fun retail small business in this space to compliment the rest of the 2nd Avenue scene [gallery]