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Urban Standard is Reopening!

We've been missing Urban Standard, and excited to hear this morning that they are reopening Monday, April 24 at 7:00am! Urban has been a huge supporter of our neighborhood for years, so please go visit them as soon as they open back up. For those of you who are new to the neighborhood since Urban has been under renovation, and/or spent considerable time under a rock, they are located at 2320 2nd Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35203.
Update 4/21/2017- The opening date has been pushed back to April 26th


Mystery Shop

The Mystery Machine

The Mystery Machine

If you've passed by 2nd Avenue Storage or eaten at El Barrio lately, you may have noticed our lobby windows have been covered. We are excited to announce we have a new retail neighbor who will be opening up soon. What kind of shop? Well, we're sworn to secrecy but all will be revealed September 8th, so stop by for the grand opening!

Welcome Yo Mama's!

Yo Mama's had their soft opening today, so the Accordion Player and I walked over for lunch. It's located in the old Faith Skate storefront next to Urban Standard (2328 2nd Avenue North), and just a block away from 2nd Avenue Storage.

The decor is really cool. They kept the old brick and wooden beamed ceilings and gave it an open loft-style feel that fits really well with the rest of the neighborhood. They threw in some bright colors on the old plaster that make it feel really bright and exciting.

The second thing I noticed after the decoration was the friendly staff who took a lot of time to talk to us even though they were pretty busy. One of the proprietors (Yo Mama's daughter apparently) told us that they kept the menu small to focus on making a few things really well, with the daily specials really being the focal point. 

After eating our meals and looking at the other dishes, I will describe the menu like gourmet soul food. The daily special really did look tasty but I'm a sucker for hot wings. The hot wings were delicious, and not your normal buffalo sauce on greasy previously frozen wings. The wings were really meaty and the sauce was sweet and sticky with just the perfect amount of heat. Overall, a great addition to the neighborhood!

To see the full menu, go to Yo Mama's website: http://www.yomamasrestaurant.com/