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Rooftop Views

Believe it or not, I had never been on the Counts Bros. roof before this week.  I knew the roof would have to be replaced, and would have a similar view to the Rhodes-Carroll building, so I never bothered looking at it during the due diligence process. Although the weather delayed some flashing and sealing, Appleseed has almost finished installing the new roof, so Tuesday I decided to climb up and look at it.

The original tar roof was heavy causing the ceiling joists around the skylights to bow.  The guys replaced it with a lightweight energy efficient roof.  There is a foam insulation layer covered by a membrane to shed water.  The light color reflects light to save energy during hot Alabama summers.

Unfortunately budget constraints prevent me from building a rooftop deck.  Hopefully there will be a phase 2, because I'd hate to miss out on all of these great 2nd Avenue views.

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