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The Forge, My First Customer, and The Birmingham News

I got a partial Certificate of Occupancy last week, and I'm thrilled to announce that I'm living in my loft. I haven't had time to move any furniture in, so I'm set up somewhat camp style, sleeping on an air mattress and living out of unpacked boxes. I've posted about the lit countertops before, but being there at night allowed me to take this incredible picture that really shows off the idea of a forge: Lit Onyx Countertops

Birmingham's background as a steel producing city inspired the molten metal look of the countertops as well as the steel cabinetry.

Not only have I moved in, but so have my first self storage customers. In fact, they liked it so much they got a second unit. Welcome John and Mabel Tingley!

In a final bit of Counts Brothers news, Operation New Birmingham brought in The Birmingham News to do an article on the building last Friday. You can read it here.