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Located in Birmingham, AL, 2nd Avenue Storage is the Loft District's source for all your storage and secure parking needs. 
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Art Studios Now Available at 2nd Ave Storage

Billie Dupree, of @MediaOkra fame, was looking for an affordable studio space, preferably downtown. I suggested that she transform one of 2nd Avenue Storage's storage units into a working studio. We have electricity, a utility sink, and it is air conditioned. Billie decided to give it a try and so far she's loving it, and we're loving having her here!
Here are some pictures of her studio space. Note that we only post pictures and reveal tenants' names if they specially give us permission, and Billie said "go for it!"
Billie described her new studio: "Because I'm happy! Like a room without a roof! I can sing that because I now have a private working art studio at 2nd Avenue North Storage in the heart of the Loft district! Thank you Wade Smith for the suggestion! I can now reclaim my kitchen and dining area back at home!"
Catch MediaOkra's next show at the Joy Gallery. Opening reception is July 6th 1-3pm. Show is on exhibit through July 30.

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Storage Unit Recording Studio

I don't post pictures of customers' storage units until after they've moved out (and with their permission obviously), but I couldn't wait to post these. Friend and long time 2nd Avenue storage customer David Seale moved into his new wife Camille Spratling's nearby loft. While they were looking for a bigger place, David needed somewhere to put his recording equipment, along with some clothes and furniture. David arranged the items in such a way that actually made the storage unit look homey. He also set up his equipment so that he could record some songs without having to move all of his stuff to another location. The storage units don't usually have electricity but we ran an extension cord so that he could make some music if the inspiration struck him.

Sorry to see this one go, but I love that I can post the pictures now!

It Looks Like a Living Room

Hats on the Wall

Proximity Card Access

The upper floor of the Counts Brothers Building is home to 2nd Avenue Storage. Until recently customers have used keys to enter and exit. This week we installed proximity card readers to increase security. Cards are serialized and entrances are recorded so that we know who is coming and going, and access can be more easily revoked if the need should arise. In other news, El Barrio has begun outdoor seating, taking advantage of the covered recess leading to the doorway of 2nd Avenue Storage and my loft. It's a nice place to enjoy the spring weather!

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The Forge, My First Customer, and The Birmingham News

I got a partial Certificate of Occupancy last week, and I'm thrilled to announce that I'm living in my loft. I haven't had time to move any furniture in, so I'm set up somewhat camp style, sleeping on an air mattress and living out of unpacked boxes. I've posted about the lit countertops before, but being there at night allowed me to take this incredible picture that really shows off the idea of a forge: Lit Onyx Countertops

Birmingham's background as a steel producing city inspired the molten metal look of the countertops as well as the steel cabinetry.

Not only have I moved in, but so have my first self storage customers. In fact, they liked it so much they got a second unit. Welcome John and Mabel Tingley!

In a final bit of Counts Brothers news, Operation New Birmingham brought in The Birmingham News to do an article on the building last Friday. You can read it here.

Self Storage Walls, Doors, and Lights

Last week Appleseed completed the self-storage walls, installed doors, and hung light fixtures. All that's left on the units themselves are paint and door hardware. Other improvements that will take place over the next month are the installation of a security system, rear stairwell, and finishing the customer bathroom. Construction for the freight elevator is currently underway. [gallery order="DESC"]