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Come see us next door to El Barrio. 


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Great Write Up on Paramount

The El Barrio guys just opened up a new restaurant and bar at 2nd Avenue and 20th. I haven't been there yet; who's up for going tonight after the CCNA meeting? Here's the al.com article: http://www.al.com/entertainment/index.ssf/2014/01/paramount_the_new_birmingham_b.html

I'm excited that more and more of 20th Street is open after 5pm. Cafe Dupont, Bistro 218, and some nights Brick and Tim. There are so many restaurants on that street that are open during the day that are just begging to extend the 2nd Avenue nightlife. Hopefully Paramount and the recently opened Olivia's will help bridge the gap between the current 2nd Avenue scene and 20th.

Tickets are officially on sale for Liv Birmingham's May 11 launch event, Cool Spaces+Downtown Places

Tickets are officially on sale for Liv Birmingham's May 11 launch event, Cool Spaces+Downtown Places. Come visit some of the coolest lofts in downtown Birmingham (including mine). I've also heard a rumor that Madge the Magic City Dragon might appear that day. You can get tickets at http://coolspaces.eventbrite.com/

2nd Avenue Storage Begrudgingly Sets Up Facebook Page, Eats Crow

If you're one of those people who enjoy using Facebook, please like our 2nd Avenue Storage page. I'm not terribly fond of Facebook, myself; the interface is noisy and confusing. However, a day after we opened up the page I got a call asking about renting a unit, so I guess it was a good thing. Also, leave some feedback on what you would want to see on a Facebook page about a storage facility, because I sure don't know. On an unrelated note, The Counts Brothers Building is a block away from Levy's Fine Jewelry and I just want to say that Ms. Rhoda's radio commercials are my favorite part of Christmas. Happy Holidays, everybody!

Resources for those suffering due to storm damage (via HCWhitney, LLC)

We have compiled a list of resources for you and/or anyone you know to use for help with storm related damage across Alabama.  If we can be of further help, please let us know. The American Red Cross web site can help you find the locations to get clean up kits, comfort kits, food, shelter, and even counseling if needed. You can Click Here to find a local chapter nearest you or your loved ones. The Salvation Army in Birmingham can help you find D … Read More

via HCWhitney, LLC

1,100 entries show excitement for Prize2theFuture (via Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham)

Amazing to see how many people are excited about Downtown Birmingham, and I can't wait to see which idea wins the prize!

Prize2theFuture has far surpassed even the most optimistic projection for a first-time on-line prize with more than 1,100 entries in hand by the deadline of March 11. We are proud of our community for a response that we believe shows how much people care about building a brighter future for everyone. From the beginning of our Imagine 50 campaign for the 50th anniversary of the Community Foundation in 2009, we heard people say that a cool, vibrant … Read More

via Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham

"Spiral Duct and Drywall" is Surprisingly Not a Super-Hero Duo

I wasn't there the day they delivered the drywall but my neighbor, Juannelle, took some great pictures. They parked a big flatbed truck stacked high with drywall on 2nd Avenue in front of the Counts Bros. Building. A crane arm attached to the truck picked stacks off of the truck and placed them inside through a 2nd floor window. The drywall has all been installed and you can start to see what the finished residence will look like. Spiral Duct has also been installed and looks fantastic. We debated painting it, but I decided to leave the galvanized finish.

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2nd Avenue Featured on CNN

This isn't really news for the Downtown Birmingham folks, but for those of you living elsewhere, a couple of weeks ago 2nd Avenue and Railroad Park were featured on CNN's My City, My Secret. The show interviewed Deontee Gordon who worked with us at Artwalk last year, and hopefully will again in 2011. Deontee took the interviewers to Urban Standard and What's on 2nd?, two businesses less than a block away from the Counts Bros. Building. CNN hasn't posted the video online that I can find, but you can see a bootleg here.

Self Storage Walls, Doors, and Lights

Last week Appleseed completed the self-storage walls, installed doors, and hung light fixtures. All that's left on the units themselves are paint and door hardware. Other improvements that will take place over the next month are the installation of a security system, rear stairwell, and finishing the customer bathroom. Construction for the freight elevator is currently underway. [gallery order="DESC"]

Storage Framing Complete

The framing for the mini-storage units is complete. The Counts Bros. Building will have over 60 secured, climate controlled self storage units. There are several sizes available, and can be modified to accommodate smaller or larger requests. Self storage customers will have access to a secured garage to park while they move items into or out of their unit.  A unique code will allow occupants to enter either through the garage or by walk up access. Excavation has begun on the garage.  In addition to parking my unit and for storage customers, there will be 6 spaces available to lease.  All spaces will be monitored by video surveillance.  Garage doors open on the alley between 2nd and 1st Avenue.

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Sanded Residential Floors

The floors of my residence have been sanded and look great. I can't wait to see how they look stained.  To open up the retail space on the first floor we took out a dividing wall and raised platforms along the windows.  Although I already posted some pictures of the retail space floors, they are complete now and I've added a few pictures of those as well. [gallery order="DESC"]