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Located in Birmingham, AL, 2nd Avenue Storage is the Loft District's source for all your storage and secure parking needs. 
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2nd Avenue Storage Begrudgingly Sets Up Facebook Page, Eats Crow

If you're one of those people who enjoy using Facebook, please like our 2nd Avenue Storage page. I'm not terribly fond of Facebook, myself; the interface is noisy and confusing. However, a day after we opened up the page I got a call asking about renting a unit, so I guess it was a good thing. Also, leave some feedback on what you would want to see on a Facebook page about a storage facility, because I sure don't know. On an unrelated note, The Counts Brothers Building is a block away from Levy's Fine Jewelry and I just want to say that Ms. Rhoda's radio commercials are my favorite part of Christmas. Happy Holidays, everybody!

Birmingham Magazine Article

I never posted an overall finished tour of my loft the way I did for El Barrio. I always meant to get around to it, but was waiting until I could afford to update some of my furniture. Also I'm lazy. So when an old friend of mine from Birmingham Magazine called me asking to do a feature on my loft, I jumped at the chance to not have to write a blog post. You can read the article here and see the photo gallery here.

Is that a baby downtown? How irresponsible

El Barrio has had a two hour wait pretty much every weekend I can remember but they are truly spilling out onto the streets tonight. I assume it has something to do with the story ABC 33/40 ran last night. I tried to find a video on their website but was unsuccessful. And look at the picture! Somebody brought a BABY downtown. 2nd Avenue and the loft district has faced a perception battle for a long time, but what a great image to show how that is changing!

Spilling out in the streets

Lofty downtown living is on the rise, it's our Fact Finder report | Alabama's 13

Lofty downtown living is on the rise, it's our Fact Finder report | Alabama's 13. This segment shows a lot of the great lofts, but what I really like is that it prominently features the crime statistics. Crime is down 67% since CAPS started, and downtown now has one of the lowest crime rates in the metro area, second only to Vestavia (I heard a rumor that we recently took first place, but haven't seen any statistics on it yet).

Restaurant at Counts Bros!

The worst kept secret in Birmingham (mainly because I have trouble keeping my mouth shut) is that Brian and Geoff from Trattoria Centrale have been eying the Counts Bros. building for a new restaurant. We finished up the lease last week, and they announced their plans this morning in the Birmingham News. I'm a big fan of Trattoria Centrale; I got a sneak peak at the plans for El Barrio, and I think its going to be even better!

Another Unexpected Media Mention

The Birmingham Business Journal mentioned Counts Bros. in another news story last week. Fran Godchaux, Interim President of Operation New Birmingham wrote this article about all the excitement happening downtown. Fran's helped me out immensely over the course of the project. Note that you have to have a subscription to read the full article. http://www.bizjournals.com/birmingham/print-edition/2011/03/18/city-center-blossoming-as-spring-nears.html

2nd Avenue Featured on CNN

This isn't really news for the Downtown Birmingham folks, but for those of you living elsewhere, a couple of weeks ago 2nd Avenue and Railroad Park were featured on CNN's My City, My Secret. The show interviewed Deontee Gordon who worked with us at Artwalk last year, and hopefully will again in 2011. Deontee took the interviewers to Urban Standard and What's on 2nd?, two businesses less than a block away from the Counts Bros. Building. CNN hasn't posted the video online that I can find, but you can see a bootleg here.

Birmingham Business Journal

My neighbor Jeremy Wood is renovating a historic building down the street from me.  We've had a good time keeping up with each others' progress and comparing notes.  I'll post a few pictures of Jeremy's building next week, but in the meantime, he gave me some great news.  We were both featured in a article in the Birmingham Business Journal by Lauren Cooper.  How cool is that?  See the article here.