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"Just letting you know your building is on fire..."

Jeremy posted a comment on the floor fire which reminded me that I had failed to share a good story.  Two Saturdays ago I got a voicemail message from Jerry LaSuer. Here's the transcription from Google Voice:

Hey Wade, it's your nosy neighbor, Jerry, from across the street.  It is, oh, 8:15 or something like that and I was just going by your building over there and inside they're using flames to burn something off the floor and, I don't know, I'm just being nosy and just letting you know that.  You probably know that and it's probably all fine, but just in case, it seemed like, oh I don't know, I just didn't want your building to burn. So that's all.  Just telling you that.  No need to call me back but I'll keep watching over there. Talk to you later. Bye.

I was interested in the building not burning down, myself, so I ran next door to check on it.  Turns out there was just some red goo on the floor that was being stubborn and they had used a controlled burn to remove it.  Wish I had a picture!

The main thing I love about living in the Loft District is the sense of community.  Everybody knows everybody else and we all take care of each other.  Thanks, Jerry!

Operation New Birmingham

ONB has really gone out of their way to guide me through the resources available through the city for this project.  Fran and Aimee have been so incredibly helpful.  From historic tax credits, to city easements, to financing, ONB has helped me so much that I'm not sure how to thank them, but for them it's all in a day's work.  If you want to do business in Birmingham, talk to ONB.

Appleseed Workshop

So think about every horror story you've ever heard about architects and builders; then reverse it.  Appleseed is incredible.  If you live in Birmingham, use them.  They care about downtown Birmingham, which is the first feather in their cap in my book.  More importantly, they care about their clients, and their clients' finances and interests.  I've never met a bunch of smarter, more professional people.

Ballard Law Office

I closed on the building August 10th.  Pat Ballard was the closing attorney and made it so easy.  Pat's office is right in the middle of the 2nd avenue scene, and I've never had so much fun closing on a real estate deal.  There was a question of the "party wall."  We simply walked across the street to look at it.  I was as disappointed as you to find out that the party was not going on at the time.  Also, I highly recommend Pat's chili, and gig 'em Aggies!  Saw Varsity's horns off!